Both introverts and extroverts are essential to PR firms

Posted on 6/15/2016 by Lydia Baehr Public Relations in Career Advice PR Blog

In public relations you deal with many different personalities, but how do you know if your personality is right for a career in PR?

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Girls Inc. celebrating their 20th anniversary at Discovery Green

Posted on 2/27/2016 by Lydia Baehr Public Relations in Blog

The strong, smart, and bold celebration will take place Thursday, April 14, 6-8 p.m. at Discovery Green and will feature the new venture Project Playhouse.

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6 Ways communications students can jump-start their careers

Posted on 1/18/2016 by Lydia Baehr Public Relations in Internships Career Advice Blog LinkedIn Volunteer Networking Leadership

It's your senior year of university and you are fighting to get noticed. You are a part of the fury of communications students all vying for the same jobs. Move to the head of the pack by using these six ideas to jump-start your careers.

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