Both introverts and extroverts are essential to PR firms

Posted on 6/15/2016 by Lydia Baehr Public Relations in Career Advice PR Blog

In public relations you deal with many different personalities, but how do you know if your personality is right for a career in PR?

Introverts and extroverts are the usual personality classifications, but you could be considered an ambivert, which is a great characteristic to have in PR. 

In public relations, a person needs to know when to stand back and listen to their clients, which is an introvert trait. Extroverts are outgoing and comfortable in social events. 

If you show qualities of being an introvert and extrovert, then you could be classified as being an ambivert. Having the mixture of both personality traits shows you are a person who is adaptable, and is someone with great communication skills. Understanding when to express yourself and when to be reserved are ambivert features that are useful in becoming a PR professional.

Here are some key characteristics that can help you know what introvert and extrovert traits are needed in PR.  


·    Good at listening: Introverts know when to stand back and listen. Your client’s needs and wants come first before anything else and introverts understand that they never want to interrupt a client speaking or overstep by giving their opinion when it’s not needed. When an introvert is speaking, they have analyzed the situation and can provide a proper solution.

·    Great at writing: Thinking things through before writing an email, press release or social media post is a necessary introvert quality. This is essential when being in PR because writing is your backbone. Before sending out any form of communication, introverts make sure they have the correct message for their audience and have critiqued their work thoroughly.

                ·    Internal processors: Introverts are sometimes known to be shy individuals, but that isn’t always a bad trait to have. They process information by evaluating the situation before coming up with a decision. In PR you can’t jump to conclusions, so before sending out a press release relating to a critical matter you need to work out all the facts. 


                ·    Know how to network: Building your clientele and media contacts is fundamental to be effective in PR. As an extrovert, you aren’t afraid to cold call to members of the media and cultivate relationships with your contacts. Extroverts are comfortable meeting new people at a networking event and can gain publicity for client’s by getting their name out.

                ·    Thrive on teamwork: In PR you can’t always rely on yourself so you need to be able to work with your team. Extroverts prefer to brainstorm in groups where you can bounce off new ideas and critique each other’s work.

                ·    Outside thinkers: When making decisions, extroverts like to talk things out verbally rather than internally like introverts. In PR, sometimes you need to express yourself externally. Extroverts don’t get scared when having a face to face meeting with clients, giving a speech in front of a crowd or sharing their opinions and ideas with a team.

                Those who are considered to have introvert and extrovert tendencies will be able to utilize their unique traits to succeed in a career in public relations. To find out you have an introvert, extrovert or ambivert personality check out Quiet Revolution’s personality test: