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Are you QR-ing?

Posted on 3/6/2013 by Lydia Baehr Public Relations in QR Codes Industry News Public Relations tools

What the Facebook are those checkered boxes that are appearing all over newspapers, magazines, billboards, products and even on television? No those are not mini-mazes or a printer’s error; those abstract boxes are "Quick Response codes", also known as QR codes.

QR codes are bar codes that are readable by QR readers, smartphones and webcams with the appropriate software. The information encoded in a QR code frequently leads to a URL for a website that is detected once the code is scanned.

We recently featured a QR code on our new business cards and incorporated it in our new logo. When you scan our QR code, it takes you directly to our website. That is so much easier for everyone than trying to remember how to spell Baehr, www.LTBaehr.com.  Yes, we know…we are geeks in high heels.

Although QR codes seem to have picked up steam in recent months, in reality the codes have been around since the mid-90s. Developed in Japan, QR codes were initially created for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. Today QR codes have become a powerful marketing resource and appear on nearly everything including clothing, artwork and tattoos (just in case you ever lose yourself).

So now you know what the codes are, but how do you go about using them?

Here’s a short tutorial on reading a QR code using your mobile phone:

How to use a QR reader on your iPhone:

How to use a QR reader on your Android phone:

You are officially hip, so get to QR-ing!