10 Tips for managing your company's social media pages - part 1

Posted on 7/7/2015 by Lydia Baehr Public Relations in Social Media Managing Public Relations tools

Here are five tips on how to make sure you are using your company’s social media pages correctly.

Tips 1 – 5

Social media marketing and management have become an integral part of any company’s marketing and PR plan. However, compared to larger companies, smaller businesses may have an advantage on how they engage their followers. Interaction with the audience is key, and sometimes a large corporation with a multitude of followers cannot address every query or concern. Social media is a two way street – an outlet for people to express how they feel and get a reply

1.     The right person should manage your social media accounts

Many companies assign the task of social media management to the interns, who may have the online skills but lack business experience. While interns may be able to handle certain social media pages, they may not understand the company culture and may not be the best person to deliver the correct message. It is crucial that the person managing your social media platform has professional writing skills.

2.     Identify your audience

Make sure you know your audience. This is very important because it will determine your voice and your message.

3.     It’s not about HOW many followers you have – it’s about HOW your followers engage

Having followers is essential. Without followers you’re just talking to yourself. However, it is pointless if you don’t know how to engage with them and keep them engaged. Focus on the number of People Talking About This.

· Keep your audience engaged and interested by using interactive social media campaigns.

· Listen to what your audience is telling you. If many people are complaining about the same thing, odds are            there is something wrong.

· Respond to comments, concerns and tweets to show followers you are listening.

4.    Be consistent across all platforms

Nothing is more confusing then trying to find your favorite restaurant online, only to see that the Twitter and Facebook pages don’t match. This causes users to think that duplicate accounts exist and they become weary of your pages. It is important to have the same look and feel across all platforms to ensure that there is no confusion. Be aware of your brand – protect it.

5.     Encourage company engagement

Make sure the employees of the company are involved within the company’s social media pages. They may have other ideas or catch things that you did not notice. This will also create more engagement.

Managing your company’s social media accounts can be an intimidating job if you have not defined your message and brand. It is like going to a party, your message is your voice and your brand is what you are wearing. Both identify you. Remember; make sure everyone involved managing these accounts has a clear understanding of what the organization wants to say and stick to your strategic plan.